Stonehenge and Bath

After I turned nineteen, I got a tattoo that reads Rent‘s mantra: “No day but today.” I feel as though being in England these last few weeks, I am finally living up to what I have inked behind my left shoulder. I’m living in the moment. And it’s turning out brilliantly. There are a number of trips that are organized through the International Students Office at Sussex Uni that I would recommend, if you come to the school to study abroad, that you take advantage of! This trip to Stonehenge was about two hours by bus, with an additional hour to travel into Bath. (If you are curious or planning a trip–by train it would cost approximately 50 pounds), and three hours back to Falmer.


Stonehenge is beautiful. People told me it was a bit disappointing; on the contrary I thought it was breathtaking. I took a bunch of shots like these because I was just in awe of the beautiful sight.

Bath is a gorgeous city. It had a bit of an Italian feel. I absolutely loved it! Molly and I met up with Tayma, Madison, Uljana, and Judi and explored the city after touring the Roman Baths! Then we went to the Courtyard Cafe, which was delicious, especially after not eating all day.  There is so much history in Bath–it was impossible in the time allotted to see everything, so I would love to go again!





I feel so lucky to be able to experience these beautiful places with some lovely people.  Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for me!

Much, much love




2 thoughts on “Stonehenge and Bath

  1. So lucky that you went to Stonghenge in such a nice weather! My trip is quite disappointing tho because the weather is really bad. Check my blog out.

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